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Slate Point Meadery
Sonic Tasting
Homestead (7%)

This Cyser is a mead which uses a cider rather than water in the primary ferment. It has a crisp apple flavor with a little bit of wetness upfront and a dry finish. The apple flavor is almost like a Macintosh, though likely a blend of apples. The cider comes from a local farm and Slate Point Meadery is a big proponent of using local NYS ingredients (as you will see throughout the night). This mead is made with clover blossom honey. 

Some Tasting Notes

  • This has a tart crisp apple flavor

  • Wetness to it up front, with a dry finish

  • Apple is almost like a Macintosh (though likely a blend of apples)

  • You can really get that apple-y sweetness on the nose

  • Notes of vanilla and cinammon as well

Musical Connotations:

In a subversion of your expectations, we are actually not using traditional "music" on this first one. Instead, we are using an autumnal night soundscape to really hammer home the experience of what we are going for here. Let this soundscape take you to that bonfire in your backyard on a cool October night with the sound of bugs chirping in the background beneath a clear starry night sky. Let these sounds transport you and your mead to that place, and let it enhance the warm and cozy autumn flavors that this mead presents. THAT is what a sonic tasting is about at heart: using sound (not just strictly music, though I promise all the others have specific notes/harmony/instruments etc.) to bring out the best qualities of the mead and enhance your sensory experience.

According to 20th century composer John Cage, "Everything we do is music, wherever we are, what we hear is mostly noise. When we ignore it, it disturbs us. When we listen to it, we find it fascinating." Let's not ignore the natural sounds around us. Everything we hear influences what we taste and the rest of our senses as well, so let's keep that in mind as we go forward and let's try to make this tasting a total body experience.

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