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Slate Point Meadery
Sonic Tasting
Honeybee (8%)

This is your Traditional Mead. It is made with three ingredients: honey, yeast and water. Even though there are only three ingredients, there can be a huge variety of different flavors here as the different types of honey and different regional differences between them have a huge influence on the taste. And that isn't even considering all the different combinations of yeast and water that can be utilized.


The last mead was made with clover blossom honey. This is made with New York State raspberry blossom honey. That is the honey made from the nectar of the raspberry plant, not the raspberry berry themselves or raspberries in the honey. Raspberry blossom honey has a very subtle fruity/berry taste, and is responsible for the citrus-y notes in this mead. Once the fermentation is complete, this mead is aged in barrels of American oak. 

Tasting Notes:

  • You will get a lot of raw honeysuckle type flavors upfront. Maybe a little bit of earthiness as well

  • Bright Citrus, very cheerful

  • A Little more viscous than the homestead

  • You really get that earthiness on the nose

  • Very dry

Musical Connotations:

This is a traditional mead, and the music utilizes the most ancient, traditional, and even natural of instruments: the human voice. Ancient societies were often matriarchal, so in that spirit we used a talented female vocalist to capture that essence. 

We use dense yet bright harmonies to capture both the vicious texture and the bright citrus notes. The notes are broken up into 8 asynchronous loops, and allows the music to breathe as much as this mead does. For the more musically inclined, we use a pandiatonic Lydian chord, which you can also think of as a closed position F major over an Eb-7 chord in second inversion, over the span of a minor 10th total. This lydian quality in the harmony is what makes it sound so bright, and is often the "bright" sounds utilized in film scores. The chord voicing (how close/far apart the individual notes are) creates this dense yet beautiful texture that is sure to compliment the mead. 

The singer is also a New York State local, Allie Forlini. She can be found at @Allieforlini on instagram.

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