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Metric (4.7%)

Photo by Liam Goodman

The metric is a German style pilsner. It recently won good medal at the world beer cup. It is one of the first beers they brewed, and is a really classic simple beer recipe. That means it is very hard to make as the ingredients and techniques need to stand on their own, rather than being hidden behind various adjuncts. It is one of the favorite beers of the staff. 

This is a very clean and crisp beer, perfect for a summers day or after a long hike. It is slightly hoppier than the average pilsner, with noble hops giving a more herbal, almost floral-like, taste but not perfume-y. On the nose you may get a center of the wheat type smell. Not quite bready or toasty however. 

If you like this one, be sure to try the Tools of the Trade! Tools of the trade is similar to this, but an American style vs a European.

Musically, this beer has a very light and ambient texture, with the occasional clear and identifiable notes peeking out. Simple, light and refreshing - just like the beer! 

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