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Power Tools (7.1%)

This one is a heavy hitter: The Power Tools IPA. Power Tools is an "American style" IPA and is another one of the first beers they brewed. It is very well renowned. Recently, it was one of only two beers by Wine Enthusiast declared "perfect". It al It is full flavored and hop forward IPA with a wonderful and sticky mouthfeel.

Tasting Notes

  • Passion Fruit

  • Sweet and malty

  • Very Hoppy

  • Note of Pine Resin and grape fruit, as well as some other darker fruits with a honey style of sweetness to it

  • Super dank on the nose

  • Nose makes it feel like it is going to be intense but on the taste it's very well balanced

  • There's a juicyness to it that is unusual for this style, but it is NOT a hazy or East Coast IPA

Musical Connotations

This was a really fun one to write - musically there are a few different layers of different meters happening. We have music occurring in 5, 7, 8 & 9 simultaneously to create this this constantly shifting texture where things never line up quite exactly but the rhythm is always in the pocket. Like the dankness on the nose, it is a little trippy at first - with clashing harmonies and wildly different meters occurring simultaneously, but as you sip into the music you can easily find yourself lost in it. The occasional intense dissonance that sways back and forth to sweetness I feel really captures the essence of this incredible beer. 

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