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Wrench (7.1%)

The Wrench is a Hazy IPA that originally started as a state of the art beer (an experimental small batch series that IABC puts out pretty frequently) but it was so popular that they couldn't keep it on the shelves and eventually started making it as part of their core lineup!

What's interesting is Industrial Arts originally did not want to ever make a Hazy IPA. Going back to what IABC believes in, Hazy IPAs are incredibly difficult to make accessible for a lot of people. Consistency and quality are two hallmarks of this company, and Hazy IPAs tend to challenge that as they are often not very shelf stable.To combat this, the brewers use a centrifuge is order to get a lot of the solid particles and sediment out of the beer - which keeps the beer a lot more shelf stable.

Tasting Notes:

  • Incredibly flavorful, not a lot of bitterness on the back end

  • Lot of grapefruit flavors

  • Silky mouthfeel

  • an "echo of pithiness" with very little bitterness

  • Can definitely taste the hop profile in it, the mouthfeel doesn't overwhelm anything

Musical Connotations:

Musically, this one is paired with a very dreamy piece. There is a sweetness to the music but it is not overbearing, almost nostalgic in a way. Backmasked celesta accompanies a piano, strings, & a pulsating synth line to create a warm and hazy atmosphere. The musical colors are also very warm, with not a lot of harshness in the harmony, creating the perfect vibe to accompany  Industrial Art's Wrench on a nice summer day (or to at least take you to that place in the middle of winter!)

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