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Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival Trailer

Had the pleasure of composing music for the 48th BSFF Festival's trailer Please check it out below! If you have a film you'd like to submit, click here for the film freeway submission page.

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Jan 2024 Joe Chris update

"Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years." - Ladies Love Cool James (aka LL Cool J) This post is a look back at some goals I set for myself, projects I had in the work, & how I learned from

Sonic Tastings Article

Had a good write up about my work with Two Ladders Brewing and our Sonic Tasting series by the Rockland Business Journal - check it out!

~~ Big News Announcement (Composer Residency) ~~

Less than year ago, I was going to beer festivals and contacting breweries endlessly for a chance to do a single sonic tasting at one of them. As of this past weekend, I am officially the “composer-in

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