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Introducing: Taste the Music Series

Earlier this week, I had an incredible opportunity to sit down and pitch an idea I've been researching and developing for a few years with the owner of a local bar where I am a regular. The idea was to synchronize a beer tasting with music custom written to the beer using adaptive techniques from the video game studies I had at Berklee. This is an extension of Ben Houge's "Food Opera" concepts, but streamlined to be focused on one particular drink. The owner really helped me think through and develop the actual "art form" of this and offered many details to consider while performing it based on his perspectives in the craft beer business. This opened up a whole lot of new ideas for me these past couple days, ultimately causing me to redefine what I had originally set out to do.

That being said, I have a new page on my site under the title: "Taste the Music", where I outline the various projects and experiments I have designed to pair sound and taste in unique ways. Sonic Tastings is the name I will be going with for the beer and beverage pairings with music. Coincidentally, while Googling that name to check if it would be easily searchable - I found out that the Glenlivet Distillery ran a music/whiskey pairing using this name, and I like the idea of keeping a standard and trying to build upon it rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.

Over the coming weeks and months months, I will be attempting to have public performances and demonstrations of these events, as well as doing some additional events at home for family and close friends.

I had a series of videos for my youtube channel I recorded but haven't finished editing about these yet, but I am thinking that I may redo and make it more of a singular video essay now that I have much more perspective and the idea has drastically changed. Though it could be interesting to see how my original ideas developed over time.... I guess stay tuned to see how I end up doing these!

I would also like to just give a quick thanks to my Wwise support team: Dayna Ambrosia and Jacob Brickman. They really helped a lot in figuring out some of the more complicated tech aspects of what I am trying to accomplish.


Joe Chris

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