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Stony Point Brewing
Seven Lakes Stout

The Seven Lakes stout is a luscious and full bodied stout with notes of chocolate and coffee. The word "stout" itself describes any form of strong black beer and tend to be deep, dark and roasty. A majority of the beer color comes from how roasted the grains are. Roasted a grain deeper leads to flavors like coffee, chocolat, caramel etc. So this is the style of beer where that really gets to be shown off and on display. Oatmeal stouts tend to be a little sweeter, and get their name from the inclusion of Oats in the grain bill for the beer.

This is paired with a hot mustard to cut through all of the richness.

The music for this one is the "richest". Thick and resnonant pandiatonic chords spanning up to 5 octaves create a dense harmonic texture to compliment the richness of the beer. The chords are broken up across pulsating synthesizers and pianos to create this texture, while a Celesta and talented female vocalist play supporting tones/melodies to fill out the sound. This is all over a moving Bb drone, which fill up the remaining "body" of the piece to create something full, rich, dark, and sweet.

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