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Mad Dog Willie Chocolate Coffee Stout (6.2%)

The Mad Dog Willie stout is a beautiful and rich drink filled with coffee and chocolate flavors. The word "stout" itself describes any form of strong black beer and tend to be deep, dark and roasty. A majority of the beer color comes from how roasted the grains are. Roasted a grain deeper leads to flavors like coffee, chocolat, caramel etc. So this is the style of beer where that really gets to be shown off and on display.

Mad Dog Willie features a few adjuncts (ingredients added into the beer) as well. They add in sumatra coffee, real belgian chocolate, and 100% cacao to bring out these flavors. It is their favorite beer to make.

This is paired with a brownie, that is actually made with this stout in the batter. 

Sonically, this combination is already so rich that I need to just lay back and let the warm sound of a holiday fire crinkle over the room. Thank you for coming to this sonic tasting and experimenting with us as we figure out this format.

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